Homemade Christmas Gifts For Co-Workers & Friends

Have you ever heard of love languages? They are give ways to express and experience love.

I happen to be a major gift giver when it comes to expressing my love and gratitude for those around me. So I take full advantage of coming up with the perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers at Christmas time. Just add it to the list of reasons why I love Christmas time!

When it comes to gift giving I tend to do it a lot, so if I were to spend a lot of money on every person I’d be in the poorhouse. So instead I get creative and do my best to show how much I care with homemade gifts and gift tags.

Just a little something, and an added touch to say, “Thank you & Merry Christmas.”

This year here was the lineup of homemade gifts:

  • Candied nuts (with a kick!)
  • A “tea tree” to accompany the gifting of a Kate Spade mug
  • Double Chocolate Coconut Oat Cookies in a jar (gf)


First Up: Candied Nuts With a Kick!


I mean, what’s better than a handful of candied nuts? I have purchased candied nuts at the most odd things…water ski competitions, wineries, you name it.

It’s a little more tricky now since I avoid things like hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, etc. and at least one of those ingredients typically makes the list.

Luckily, homemade candied nuts isn’t really that hard. Plus you get to make them just how you like them. And for me, that means sweet & salty, with a little kick.

I used THIS recipe for guidance, but per usual, I did not stick to it to a T. (I intend to write down exactly what I do and post it next time, but between getting this night was a little crazy.)

I doubled the recipe and bagged them in cute gingerbread treat bags. Then looped my homemade gift tags to the zip tie that closed the bags. Oh and added a little joke to the tag 😉

Next Up: “Christmas Tea Tree”

One co-worker is a tea lover like me, so I decided to give her a new mug and tea. The hunt for a perfect mug was one thing, but then coming up with a creative way to give her a variety of teas was another.

Okay, in all honestly creating the Christmas Tea Tree kind of just came to me. I looked around the house for green paper, a paperclip, scissors, and hot glue. Boom. A tree.

Here’s how to make the tree base:

  1. Wrap the paper to make a cone shape
  2. Hot glue along the overlapping edges
  3. Paperclip to help hold it in place
  4. Once cooled, cut the bottom corners that stick out so you have a flat base

Once finished with the base, I put a dot of hot glue on the top middle part of a wrapped tea bag and added it to the tree. Like most things, the more tea the merrier!


Lastly, a star on top of the tree. You can make your own star but I happened to have that sparkly tree topper on hand. I glued a straw to it, and stuck the straw through the small hole at the top of the tree.

Third Craft: Gluten Free Cookies In a Jar

I am not a mom and Christmas time is already totally crazy — I can’t even imagine what is like to have kiddos!

A few of my co-workers do, so I thought an awesome gift would be cookies in a jar because…

  • The job of making homemade cookies is halfway done. Now they mix in a few final ingredients, roll into balls, and bake!
  • Baking them is something they can do with their kids.
  • I was traveling from St. Louis to Kansas City to work that week so anything I baked wouldn’t have been fresh, and we all know that is when they are the best.
  • Who doesn’t like Christmas cookies? Especially hot out of the oven!
  • They look cute.
  • BONUS: You don’t end up eating half of the dough 😉

I intended to come up with my own recipe for cookies in a jar only to realize you need the perfect amount of each ingredient to pack the jar just right….so I turned to the beloved Pinterest.

BINGO! The Pretty Bee’s Double Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Cookies were PERFECT! If you decide to make these, feel free to use the tags I created. After printing them I glued them to colored paper, cut them out, and punched a hole through them so I could tie them to the jars. Download My Cookie Jar Instructions Gift Tags



A Personal Touch

I think buying gift tags and greeting cards is vastly overrated (although some greeting cards are just too good to pass up).

I encourage you to get creative with name tags! You can use colored paper on the side you plan to write on with the option of something fun on the back…

  • A different color paper
  • Matching wrapping
  • A different, fun wrapping paper
  • Burlap (got mine from the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby)
  • Another scrapbook paper
  • Paint the back
  • Cover the back in glitter

The possibilities are endless!

If you are using two different papers for the front and back, glue them together, cut to the desired shape, hole punch, loop ribbon through to tie them to your gifts!



Have a holly jolly Christmas! Happy gifting!

xo Holly


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